Salisbury Steak Meatballs

I tried another Pinterest recipe last night. Halfway thru the process, I started having my doubts because I felt like the recipe was taking way more time for me than it was supposed to. It actually just took 15 more minutes than the author predicted; I’m just impatient. This is one of the more difficult recipes that I’ve tried recently. It requires some multitasking; whereas many of the other recipes have allowed me to just put everything in one pot/dish and just wait for it to be done. But it turned out really well! I was pleasantly surprised. 


Click HERE to see the full list of ingredients and directions.

Baked Salmon & Asparagus 

Now that I’m in my own place and cooking is a responsibility of mine (and my boyfriend; he cooks too), I’ve been using Pinterest to find new recipes to try. So far I’ve tried “baked ravioli”, “cheesy chicken & broccoli with rice”, and “baked salmon with asparagus”. All of the recipes have been a success but I only have pictures of the baked salmon.

 The baked salmon recipe was the third recipe that I tried and I’m really proud of how it turned out. I actually don’t even like salmon that much but it was a relatively low maintenance recipe that required very little clean up afterwards so I decided to go for it. Since everything is baked in foil, you literally don’t have to do anything besides throw the foil away when you’re done eating. That was the best thing about cooking this. Oh, and it smelled REALLY GOOD while it was in the oven.

Click HERE for the ingredients and instructions to make this awesome dinner.