60 Days!

img_0023We are officially two months away from holy matrimony! Here’s what we have done so far:

Joint Bank Account

This has been the single task that we’ve done that made me go “oh shit, we’re getting married”. A lot of the other tasks thus far have felt like I’m just planning a party, but getting a joint bank account reminded me of the reason why we’ll be partying. We opted to keep our separate accounts open and we’ll have a portion of our paychecks deposited into our joint account on payday. A lot of people dread talking about money with their future spouse, but this was a very easy conversation to have for us.


My bridesmaids dresses actually came in today. I’m very excited to start shopping for their shoes and accessories. My attire for that day is complete now that I have my clutch bag. I’m still in the process of doing fittings, but I expect to be done with that this weekend. Now I’ll be able to focus on making sure my girls look amazing.


We are almost done with the process of compiling all of our RSVPs and meal choices for the big day. Now we’ll need to put our guests names and meal choices on escort cards and start assigning tables. We’ll have to look at a map of our reception space and figure out where we want people to sit and who we want them to sit with. I’ve always heard that this was one of the more difficult wedding planning tasks, but I’m actually looking forward to getting it done.

And… Here’s what we have left to do:


I’m struggling with finding thoughtful gifts for our parents (besides my dad, I know what I want to get him) – that aren’t wedding pictures or something similar. And I can’t quite make up my mind about what I want to give my bridesmaids. I may be able to put this on the back burner until we get closer to the big day.

Final Meetings

I have to meet with all my vendors at least one last time to make sure we’re all on the same page. I have a meeting with my coordinator this Friday and she’ll be coming to all of the upcoming meetings with other vendors. I’m most excited about meeting with my florist because I want to see the flowers and designs she has planned for us. I feel like the flowers are really going to set the mood for our wedding.

Marriage License

We’ll probably take care of this towards the end of March, since the license is only good for 60 days. Our officiant has already briefed us on what to do with the license after we get back from the honeymoon. This is a step that will probably have me saying “oh shit, we’re really getting married” again.

We’re getting closer!



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