5 Tips on Dealing With Your Wedding Vendors


A huge part of planning a wedding is choosing your vendors. You have to be sure that you pick professionals that you can trust to get the job done and that you can have a pleasant experience with. I can imagine that there’s nothing worse than picking a DJ, photographer, or florist and having them disappoint you with their work on your special day or butting heads the entire time you have to deal with them. So I’ve come up with a list of five things that can help you and your vendors throughout the wedding planning process. Continue reading

The Knot vs. Wedding Wire


The Knot and Wedding Wire are the two most popular wedding websites/apps that I know of. I had previously only used The Knot because it was the website that I discovered first and both sites pretty much do the same thing. So I never felt like I needed to use both sites. A couple of weeks ago, I got curious about what Wedding Wire has to offer and which site is better so I started using both sites simultaneously. Here’s what I discovered:


The checklist on The Knot’s website is easier on the eyes. The Knot breaks down tasks in terms of “remaining”, “essentials”, and “completed”. All of those terms are self-explanatory so it’s very easy for the user to navigate. You can also see how far along you are in the planning process by percentage. Personally, I love this feature because I am the type of person who likes to check things off my list and seeing that I’ve accomplished 50% of the tasks makes me happy.

Wedding Wire’s checklist is a little more basic as far as style goes. It doesn’t have the percentage feature that The Knot has, but it does show you how many tasks you’ve done and how many more you have to do. I just prefer seeing that in a percentage form. Wedding Wire does allow you to do things to your checklist. You cannot do that on The Knot so if you have more unique things on your to-do list, Wedding Wire’s checklist may be best for you. Continue reading