NYX Cream Highlight & Contour Palette Review


A couple of weeks ago, I needed to restock my Clarins products. Since I order my Clarins products from a department store online, I always look for a new makeup product to try because you never know what you may find. This time around, I found the NYX Cream Highlight & Contour Palette. It was only $15 so I figured it’s not too much of a loss if I don’t like it. But I actually like it a lot.

Cream vs. Powder

I typically contour my face with a powder blush from MAC called Blunt. So I was eager to see if a cream contour worked better or worse than what I was already using. Right now, I’m liking both cream and powder products so I don’t really have a preference. But I do see a difference between the two types when I wear them.

Dull Highlight or Wrong Color?

I don’t use the highlight portion of this palette very much because it didn’t show up very well on my skin. I bought the darkest palette NYX had (Deep) since there were only three colors to choose from and I picked a palette based on the color of the contour portion; so the highlight may be a little too close to my skin tone. That’s my only “complaint” about this palette. And that could very well be my own fault for choosing the wrong color.


I think this is a great palette for those of us who are new to contouring. There’s a guide on the back of the palette to help you put the contour, highlight and shimmer colors in the right place on your face. It’s not expensive at all, which is always a good thing. The palette would be perfect if it came with the appropriate brushes for cream makeup. Since I use mostly powder products, I’m going to have to buy some brushes specifically for cream products. But I don’t mind too much because it gives me a reason to shop.

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