Tory Burch Miller Sandals

I finally got them!

Back in June, I listed the Tory Burch Miller sandals as one of the five things I wanted to buy before the summer ended. These sandals were actually a “just because” gift from my fiancé. He tried to surprise me with a pair of snakeskin Miller sandals but the pair that he bought was just a little bit too small. When we went back to the store to exchange them, they didn’t have the pair that he had purchased in my size. So I ended up having him exchange for the nude pair instead. To his surprise, he was able to get some money back AND I got the pair of sandals that I really wanted.


New Designer

As I said in the “5 Things I Want to Buy This Summer” post, I didn’t have anything from Tory Burch. No shoes, no handbags, nothing. So I’m very excited about my first Tory Burch item. It’s always cool when you make your first purchase somewhere (even though I didn’t buy these, I’m taking credit for the purchase). Sometimes I feel like my whole wardrobe came from the same place and that can be annoying. So it’s refreshing to be able to broaden your horizons with new stores/designers.

No Buckle

My main reason for even wanting these sandals was because they are basically dressed up flip flops. It’s so easy to slip them on in the morning when I’m getting ready for work or when I’m out shopping and I need shoes/clothes that I can easily slip on and off to try things on. Every other sandal I have is a slingback that needs to be buckled. But even though these Miller sandals feel like flip flops, they are way more stylish so I feel comfortable wearing them to work or on a date with my fiancé.

Great Service

My fiancé and I received amazing customer service at the Tory Burch store that we visited. During his initial visit and when I had to come back with him and exchange the item. The staff was incredibly helpful and generous. You don’t always get that with some high-end stores. It can be hit or miss with retail in general. But with some high end designer stores, some people receive snooty or unenthusiastic service. We’ve visited this store a few times before we even made a purchase and they sales associates there have always been kind. And for that reason, I’ll keep Tory Burch in mind when I need another pair of shoes or anything else.

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