Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Damier Azur

Last weekend I bought my third Louis Vuitton bag (fourth LV item overall). I really wanted the Montaigne MM and I was able to try it on, but I ultimately decided on buying another Speedy 30 in a different canvas.


Another Speedy

Top handle bags are my absolute favorite type of handbag. And the Speedy bags are the most iconic Louis Vuitton bag and they are definitely the brand’s most iconic top handle. And I freaking LOVE the bag. I love the shape, I love the size, I love the look… I just really adore everything about the Speedy as a whole. Since I am building a collection, I have always entertained the idea of having a Speedy in all three canvases: Damier Ebene, Damier Azur, and Monogram. Plus, Lux_Mommy (one of my favorite YouTubers/Snapchatters) has said that the best way to build a versatile collection is to: get a top handle in every canvas, a shoulder bag in every canvas, and so on.

Damier Azur


My favorite Louis Vuitton canvas is Damier Ebene. But it would be redundant to have a collection of Louis Vuitton bags that were all the same canvas. Damier Azur is my second favorite canvas and even though I’m usually very careful with any handbag that I carry, I had been apprehensive about purchasing a bag in Damier Azur since it’s so light. But within the past few weeks I became fixated on the Azur canvas.

What’s next?

I had the SA pull out a few bags while I was in the store last weekend so I could start planning my next purchase. I thought I would be head over heels in love with the Alma PM but I realized that the PM size is smaller than I would want. I still don’t like shoulder bags, but I did like that the Montaigne MM comes with a strap so that I could use it as a shoulder bag if I wanted to. The Montaigne is just so expensive! So I feel like I should work my way up to that price range while I’m building my collection. In the meantime, I have my eyes on the Favorite MM in the monogram canvas. I have the PM size already but while I was at the Beyoncé concert back in May, I realized I needed more room. And I still don’t have an actual handbag in the monogram print. So that may end up being my next purchase…

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