5 Things That Are Helping Me Plan My Wedding

I’ve had to take a brief break from posting due to my schedule being overloaded with extra work (I got a promotion) and wedding planning (things are moving really fast now). I’ve had to start juggling all of the things going on in my life during these past few weeks so the blog had to take a backseat for a little bit. But I know I have a few brides and/or potential brides who read my blog, so I figured I would share the five things that I have been using to help me plan my wedding without having my head explode.



Pinterest is my digital vision board for my wedding. If I need to visualize something regarding décor or attire, Pinterest is my go-to app/website. The main reason why I love it so much is because even if I’m not on Pinterest at the moment, I can still pin things to my wedding board from YouTube, The Knot, Buzzfeed, random sites, etc. I find things everywhere, so it’s great to be able to store it all in one place.

The Knot


The Knot (app/website/magazine) is something you literally have no use for if you aren’t planning a wedding. I only got familiar with this site after my engagement but it is a godsend. I can find articles about wedding tips, Q&As, vendors, dresses, etc. I could keep listing things but basically any tool you’d ever need to plan a wedding is featured on The Knot. The best thing about The Knot, in my opinion, is that it’s budget-conscious. You can weed a lot of things out by price if you need to (I know I certainly needed to). The Knot helped me find my wedding dress, helped me keep track of my budget, helped me find vendors and keep track of those that I ended up booking amongst many other things. I still have over 200 days until my wedding and I’m pulling up The Knot on my computer or phone literally every single day.

Erin Condren wedding planner


My Erin Condren wedding planner is getting major use now that we’re getting deeper into the wedding planning. I take it everywhere I go now just in case I need to call one of my vendors or schedule something. I have a tote bag full of everything that’s related to my wedding (contracts, business cards, magazines, etc.) but that bag is really heavy. I’ve tried carrying it around for a couple of days but carrying my planner which already has most of that information inside is much easier.

Wedding Planning Podcast


I listen to the Wedding Planning Podcast while I get ready for work, during my commute and during my lunch break. I get so many ideas from people who have either already gotten married or vendors who have “been there, done that” many times. There’s plenty of episodes to listen to if you want to start from the very beginning and each episode is between 10-25 minutes. The host of the podcast has been involved in over 200 weddings so she has a wealth of knowledge to share.

Maid of Honor


Last but certainly not least, my maid of honor is AWESOME. The apps, websites and planners are great but they won’t do you much good if you don’t have anyone to help you carry out your plans. I chose my maid of honor based on the fact that we’ve been friends since we were 11 and I know that she can work with just about anybody, but she’s way more knowledgeable than I could have expected or even hoped for. When we were out registering for gifts, I literally looked at her and said “how do you know all of this?” I’m literally in awe of her for being such a great support system for me.

What people or things helped you plan your wedding?

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