Why I Love Flexi Rods

I used to be the type of girl who wanted my hair to be bone straight. As I’ve gotten older, my idea of good looking hair has changed. I still like straight hair, but I want it to have some life to it. I’m never going to be a super curly hair girl, but I do prefer to have some type of body and bounce to give my hair some life. I’ve found that the best way for me to get that extra boost for my hair is by using flexi rods.

Less curl, more body

With curling irons and flat irons, I have to careful not to create too much curl when what I really want is body. And most of the time, I still end up with a section or two that is super curled and then I have to try to brush it out. It’s much easier for me to just put some flexi rods in my hair and let them work their magic while I tend to other things. By the time I’m done getting dressed and putting my makeup on, my hair is full of body.

No heat

If you have ever damaged your hair with heat, you tend to become extremely cautious about what kind of tools you use. I try not to rely on tools that require heat on a daily basis. I already get blowouts every two weeks and they tend to last long enough that I don’t have to pull out my curling iron or flat iron. If I find myself needing more body, then I’ll try to find some time to use my flexi rods instead because they don’t cause heat damage.

It takes more time but I get better results

Obviously, using flexi rods is going to take more time than using a flat iron or curling because no heat is involved. I try to give the flexi rods at least thirty minutes (but sometimes as much as two or three hours) to do their thing. The longer they stay in, the better the result. Of course, if I’m running short on time then I will use a flat iron. But my flexi rods are always my preferred method. They never let me down.

How do you prefer to curl your hair?

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