Milestones: My Fiancé Got a New Job

My fiancé started a new job last week and I’m so happy for him. For the past year he’s been working at the airport as a ramp agent/bag runner. The pay was terrible, the hours were terrible, and the airport was an hour away from where we live. For most of the year that he was working there, he was working two eight-hour shifts for four days out of the week to make ends meet. In order to work that many hours and get a reasonable amount of sleep, he had to stay with friends who lived closer to the airport on days that he worked. So we only got to see each other for three days out of the week and those were weekdays, which meant I was at work for most of that time. After a few interviews throughout the year resulted in no job, he was offered a job earlier this month and he took it. This job couldn’t have been more perfect for him and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

This job is relevant to his major in college

Most people who take the time to go to college and get their degree want to work in their field of study after they graduate. But unfortunately, that doesn’t happen for everybody. Not working in your field of study can make you feel like you wasted your time and money on getting a degree that you can’t use. So I’m very happy that my fiancé doesn’t have to deal with those thoughts anymore. Now instead of just having a “job”, he can look forward to a long career in his field.

This job is closer to where we live

Like I mentioned earlier, my fiancé was working an hour away from where we live. And he hates commuting so we had to compromise a lot of quality time for money and sanity (for him). This new job is about 30 minutes away from our home so now we see each other every single day. The commute is not as much of a burden on him or his vehicle. And I don’t have to worry about him being on the road in the middle of the night trying to get home to me.

This job brings in way more money

My fiancé is making three times as much money now. We know money is not everything and it can’t buy happiness. And quite frankly, we were doing just fine on the income we had before (bills were always paid on time and we had money to play with too). But more money can buy us more security. With the money we’re bringing in now, we don’t really have to worry about being “broke” anymore. That doesn’t mean we’re going to go spend our money frivolously now. But now we don’t have to settle for Redbox if we rather go to the theater. (I actually prefer Redbox because I like being at home, but you get my point.) We have more peace of mind now. We know that we are going to be okay financially.

Congrats to my fiancé. I’m so proud of you.

6 thoughts on “Milestones: My Fiancé Got a New Job

  1. Divorce With Me says:

    Congratulations to him. And to you as well. 🙂

    Best advice I was given when I got my first job out of college was to immediately invest in my 401K. It came out up front so I never “missed” the money and my company matched. Thirteen years later, I’m proud of my little chunk of change. Hope you guys do the same as you plan your future together!

  2. Pamela says:

    Congrats to the two of you. This will boost your finances and help you guys save (or do whatever) your money faster. Added bonus that the work was in his field. That is a major plus.

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