Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

Mascara is one of those beauty products where you find one and then you commit to that one brand or type for years. Most people don’t have a collection of mascaras that they swap out every day. You typically have your one mascara and when it dries up or you run out, you go out and buy another one exactly like it. I had been doing that with Great Lash for at least ten years. When I would watch makeup tutorials, I didn’t even pay attention to what type of mascara was being used because I knew that I was sticking with Great Lash for life. And I figured that all mascaras were the same with a different name on the packaging. I was so wrong.


Back in March, I received a mini tube of Urban Decay’s Perversion mascara as part of a free gift with a $75 Urban Decay purchase. My Great Lash was getting old and I figured that I might as well use this free tube of mascara before I go out and buy more Great Lash. Perversion completely changed the life of my eyelashes. It may sound like an exaggeration but I’m completely serious. I was contemplating using false eyelashes because I felt like my lashes didn’t really stand out as much as they should. But now that I’m using this Perversion mascara, I feel like the fake lashes can wait.

My eyelashes are bolder and thicker now.

The applicator for this mascara literally looks like one of those hairbrushes that has really thick bristles. You don’t need two or three coats of mascara with this. Since the applicator is so thick, you really only need one good coat because Perversion does a great job at extending your lashes.


The only “bad” thing I can really say about Perversion is that it’s a little on the expensive side. A regular-sized tube is about $20.00 and that’s a lot when you’re used to paying $7 or $8 for Great Lash. But Urban Decay makes mini-sized versions that are $10.00 and that’s the size that I would probably buy. I wear mascara every day (if I remember to put it on) and I’ve been using the free mini-sized version for about a month with no issues. The smaller tube may not hold me over for years like the Great Lash did, but you really aren’t supposed to be using the same tube of mascara for that long anyway.

I seriously recommend trying this product. It has worked wonders for me.

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