My Faves: YouTube Channels

Anyone who gets on the internet nowadays probably goes to at some point. I’ve been “addicted” to YouTube for about six or seven years now. Sometimes I’m just watching my favorite artists’ music videos. But other times, I’m watching tutorials, comedic videos or even reality YouTube. Here are some of my favorite YouTube channels:

Kid Fury


Kid Fury is a popular blogger/media personality with a YouTube channel (The Fury TV) and podcast (The Read). I found his YouTube channel from listening to his podcast. He and Crissle would refer to his videos/channel during certain episodes and I decided to look him up one day. I love his Furious Thoughts videos because he says a lot of hilarious things that I agree with. I love watching the Green Experiment videos too because I like seeing him and his friends in their own element. I don’t usually watch his NEON (Nerdy, Electronic, Online Negro) videos all the way through but I do send them to my fiancé or let him watch them. The thing I really love about Kid Fury overall is that I can enjoy his content, my fiancé can enjoy his content AND my mom can enjoy his content. I feel like he has so much to offer and his content is versatile.


Latoya’s Life/Latoya Forever


I found Latoya Forever about five or six years ago through one of her YouTube videos about how to be a Hooter’s girl. A friend and I had applied to work there and yeah… Anyway, I thought she was super cute and super funny so I subscribed to her channel. I started out just watching her OOTD videos because she has a super trendy and cute style of dress. So I would get ideas about how to put different outfits together through her videos. As time went on, her videos became less about outfits and hair/makeup tutorials and more so about being a comedian, I guess. I didn’t really care too much for that but she eventually started vlogging and made the Latoya’s Life channel. I love reality TV so much that apparently I’m willing to watch it on YouTube as well. What I love about Latoya’s Life is that she is in a space in her life that I’m not in yet. She’s a mother and a wife and she has been very successful, so she’s living large. She is where I want to be in the future. So it’s fun to watch her navigate through areas of life that I haven’t reached yet.


Shirley B Eniang


I found Shirley B. Eniang three or four years, possibly five years ago when I was just tapping into my love for makeup. She’s probably one of the only makeup gurus on YouTube that I make sure I watch regularly. Obviously, she’s beautiful and has great style. But what I really love about her is that she never comes off as a know-it-all. Sometimes YouTube girls can give off an elitist vibe in their videos and Shirley definitely doesn’t do that. She’s one of the few girls that I’ve found who I feel is my same complexion so I look to her as a true reference for what may look good on me. Also, the music she uses in her videos is amazing. And her accent is cute.


Dulce Candy


Dulce Candy is another YouTube beauty guru that I found four or five years ago. I really enjoy her OOTD and hair tutorial videos. Her style is very eclectic and trendy, and she’s just fun to watch. I love the videos where she’s just talking about certain topics too. Sometimes those videos can be up to thirty minutes long but I can still watch it all the way through and not get bored. She doesn’t do those videos a lot, so when I do see one it’s typically a really interesting topic. I also love her blog where I can see her outfit posts. But I also really love her story too. She was in the military before and she’s married with a child. She’s very much a self-made business woman and I don’t feel like she’s some uppity spoiled brat like some other YouTube beauty girls. She seems very humble and very human.


Hope For Paws


I love all animals but dogs are my number one favorite. This particular channel touches my heart more than any other. I actually kind of wish I worked for Hope For Paws but they’re in California so that’s not possible right now. I love seeing the dogs on this channel being rescued and learning to trust humans again. I usually cry watching these videos because I don’t have a dog anymore (R.I.P. Zoey), so these videos hit very close to home for me.


…What are some of your favorite YouTube channels?

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