One Gallon of Water (UPDATE)

I’m still going strong with my gallon of water “challenge”. After a couple of weeks of drinking “the right amount” of water, I noticed a few things.


I kind of knew this was coming because other people who have posted about drinking a gallon daily had mentioned it. Drinking that much water in a day (every day) cleanses you and removes a lot of toxins from your body. Removing toxins is a tricky thing in that it makes the toxins rise to the surface before they can be removed. It’s the same concept as using a new facial cleanser; it gets worse before it gets better. So I had maybe three or four small pimples in those first couple of weeks and they all cleared up within a few days.

I only wanted water

You would think that I would get sick of the taste of water after the novelty wore off but NO! I seriously only wanted to drink water (and milkshakes from Cookout). I had gone to the grocery store and bought all this juice to have over the holidays only to take a few sips and think to myself: “I’ll just drink my water.” It was so weird because I thought I liked juice but apparently I’m more of a water and milk kind of girl.

The jug really helps

It really is easiest to keep up with how much you’ve drank if you use an actual gallon jug. I threw my jug away after the New Year and tried to keep up with how many times I refilled my 16 ounce water bottle. It was a lot harder doing it that way. Recently I switch from 16 ounce water bottles to 12 ounce cups and for some reason that is much easier than refilling a water bottle. I have no idea why but the small cups and the HUGE gallon jug are what works for me.

I’m really proud of myself for sticking to this “challenge” because I can let things go out the window once they become too inconvenient. But with this, I’ve found ways to overlook the inconveniences. Sidenote: I’m still peeing every twenty minutes but that’s okay.

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