One Gallon of Water Everyday

Last weekend I freaked out because I thought I had crows feet. Well, it turns out that I really just have smile lines so… no big deal. But it really made me decide to get serious about this whole anti-aging kick. It’s something that has been on my mind since I left Las Vegas, but now I’ve decided to take action. Instead of reaching for expensive anti-aging beauty products (my mom and grandmother believe they are a waste of money and that your skin eventually becomes dependent on them), I decided to use Gabrielle Union’s anti-aging “secret”… WATER.

One gallon of water everyday. It seems easy enough. I sit at a desk for most of the day so I really have no reason to not be able to do this. I bought a gallon of drinking water at the grocery store because seeing how much water I have to drink in front of me helps me. I can’t just carry one small water bottle and keep refilling it throughout the day. The first day was pretty chill until after lunch when I felt like the water in my jug was rising instead of getting lower. I had also had a Cookout tray and a milkshake for lunch so that may have added some difficulty to my task. But the second and third days (I’ve only been doing this for 3 days so far) have been a breeze. Of course I’m going to the bathroom every 20-30 minutes but I’ve read that after a while, you’re able to hold it for a longer period.

I’m really excited about the results I may see and/or feel. I’ve read about clearer and fresher skin, weight loss, and more energy. I’ve already cut coffee completely out of my diet, since I don’t have the time to drink other beverages while trying to take in all this water. Coffee (and the amount of sugar I put in it) was one of the things that I was planning to eliminate from my diet in 2016 (along with bread and milkshakes) but now I’ve started early. I don’t really need to lose weight as much as I need to fix my eating habits. The water has definitely curbed my appetite in that I can’t eat as much food at one time. I’m now snacking throughout the day (apparently that’s what you’re supposed to do) instead of eating huge meals two or three times a day. Water is obviously extremely important to our health but it’s going to be interesting to see what happens when I’m drinking the correct amount of water each day.

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