4 Things You Should Know About Getting Engaged

I’ve been engaged for almost a month now and here are the four things that I’ve experienced since the day my fiancé proposed.

You’ll take pictures of your ring (A LOT).

At this point, I probably have more pictures of my engagement ring than I do selfies in my phone. And I take a decent amount of selfies. When you get your e-ring, you just want to look at it all the time and it’s less obvious if you’re looking at a picture on your phone rather than your actual hand. So I take pictures of my e-ring on my hand a lot; probably more than I should actually. I’d say I’ve done it about every three or four days since my fiancé proposed. He’s even caught me doing it before. He found it amusing and weird so don’t let anyone catch you doing it. And don’t post the pictures! They’re for your eyes only. You get to post like one or two pictures of your ring on social media before it comes off as bragging and attention-seeking. I’ve only posted one thus far so I could get away with another one if I wanted to.

You won’t know what to call your future spouse.

When you’re used to referring to your significant other as your boyfriend or girlfriend, it will be hard to start referring to them as your fiancé/fiancée. The transition just isn’t as smooth as you would think but it doesn’t really matter because everyone knows what you mean anyway. Fiancé/fiancée just doesn’t roll off your tongue the way boyfriend/girlfriend does purely out of habit. I’m still not used to saying it. And by the time you get used to saying fiancé/fiancée, it’ll be time to start referring to them as husband/wife.

You’ll want to take your time with planning but the excitement will make you want to do everything ASAP.

If you didn’t start pinning things to your wedding board before you were engaged, you’ll definitely start doing it once your future spouse pops the question. You’ll be bombarded with questions about your upcoming nuptials. And naturally, you’ll go into hyperdrive with wanting to pick a venue, dress, caterer, cake, etc. But all the “planning” will be in your head because you’ll also not want to rush anything. It’s a strange feeling where you’re totally ready and excited to do everything but you need everything to slow down too.

You’ll feel exactly how you felt in your relationship before you were engaged.

My best friend asked me how the fiancée life was and I told her: “exactly the same as the boyfriend/girlfriend life.” Literally nothing has changed between me and my future spouse except that I have a beautiful ring on my finger and we are expected to get married at some point in the near future. My dad actually told me this a few weeks before my fiancé proposed and it sounded like bullshit when he said it but he was actually right. It’s like when you turn 21 and everyone asks if you feel different and you’re like “ummm no.” That’s the extent to which an engagement changes the nature of your relationship. It doesn’t.

2 thoughts on “4 Things You Should Know About Getting Engaged

  1. Gina says:

    This is all so true at least that’s been my experience lol! I’ve been engaged for about 3 weeks now and all of the above applies. I took a picture of my ring and I’m trying to space out the next one I post online XDDD Congrats on your engagement!

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