My Favorites: Podcasts

I really enjoy listening to podcasts. I like them almost as much as I like listening to music. At this very moment I am subscribed to 10 of them. And I’m constantly looking for more. They provide me with a myriad of knowledge about subjects that are important to me and they are extremely entertaining. Here are my 5 favorite podcasts. These are the ones that I run to listen to as soon as they come out.


This is the podcast that started my love of podcasts. In fact, I never even knew what a podcast was prior to listening to The Read. I’ve been listening for about 2 years now, so I don’t remember how I was introduced to Crissle & Kid Fury (it doesn’t really matter anyway). But I love their humor, their take on celebrity, the answers to their Listener Letters, and their political stances. I may not always agree with everything they say but nevertheless, it’s refreshing to hear the perspectives of passionate people who also happen to be incredibly funny. The Read is a staple in my Thursday afternoons. They keep me laughing and smiling every week with their hilarious commentary while also providing a call to action with their infamous reads.

Click here to listen to The Read!


The Friend Zone is relatively new but it has also become a staple for my Wednesday afternoons. Much like Crissle & Kid Fury from The Read, Dustin & Assante are absolutely hilarious. And Fran brings a bohemian hippy vibe that is so calm and soothing in the midst of all the hilarity from the other two. I really like how deep they go with their topics and how relatable each of them are in their own way. They talk about serious issues that affect everyday people and they throw in some self-help exercises courtesy of Fran. I always end up self-reflecting after I listen (sometimes while I’m listening) which leaves me feeling super refreshed and ready to take on the rest of my week.

Click here to listen to The Friend Zone!


I may be in the minority with this but I love learning about money. I like having money & I like spending it BUT I also enjoy knowing how to be smart with my money. That’s why I love this podcast so much. These guys are so relatable and knowledgable without coming off like judgmental know it alls. And that’s very hard to do apparently because I’ve stopped listening to quite a few money podcasts for that reason. They make finances sound fun and exciting. Listening to them is extremely motivating and interesting because they never have the exact same perspective and they provide options for achieving a money goal. I don’t listen to every episode they put it out because it doesn’t always apply to my life but when the episodes do apply, they are always helpful.

Click here to listen to Listen Money Matters!


I listen to Nicole (formerly known as Snooki) and her friend Joey for pure laughs. Nothing more, nothing less. Although sometimes Nicole drops some motherhood knowledge (which does not yet apply to my life, but hopefully will someday). These two are just having fun and I get a few laughs in before I go to work while listening to them. Their episodes are short and sweet. It’s just what I need for my morning commute.

Click here to listen to Naturally Nicole!


I’ve always enjoyed watching First Take with Stephen A and Skip Bayless but since I started working last year, I’m never home when it airs. It wasn’t something that really bothered me until I started playing fantasy football this season so now I need to be in the know with all things sports. Their episodes are pretty long and I almost never get to the end of them, but I do have fun while listening. Even though I can’t see them on the podcast, I’ve seen their show enough times to imagine all the faces they make while listening to one another’s opinions. This podcast releases a new episode every day so I literally have something new to listen to every day of the week (this is why I never listen the whole episode). A new day brings a new topic.

Click here to listen to First Take!

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