Milestones: I’m Moving!!!

I’m moving in with my boyfriend in less than 30 days!

I’m excited, super ready and a little bit anxious all at the same time.

We have sort of lived together before. In college we basically took turns “living” at each other’s apartment rent free. So this time around we will both be paying rent and we’ll both be legally and financially responsible for the apartment.

Throughout the time when we were “kind of living together” we worked out all the kinks that couples have to deal with when they live together for the first time. So I’m looking forward to moving in this time without having to go through that “I love him, but I hate his habits” awkward stage. We’re kind of past the point where we argue about putting the toilet seat down and not pushing your chair in. Been there, done that.

This time I expect smooth sailing as long as we can keep it together financially. And the finances are what I’m anxious about. I have to be on a budget for the first time ever. We, as a couple, have to rely on one another financially for the first time ever. We both have full time permanent jobs so we should be ok but money is like one of the biggest problems for the average couple so we’ll see how it goes. But for now, I’m feeling optimistic about everything.

Shopping for the apartment has been awesome and fun. It’s been expensive too. Overall, I’m having a good time searching through all the home decor sections of various stores. But I’m ready to be done buying things for the apartment, so I can relax and enjoy living in it. I don’t like when things are a work in progress so I’m going to try to get the apartment completely decorated by the end of September.

Wish me (us) luck!