Holidays Are For Kids…

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s have come and gone since the last time I posted a blog and they all SUCKED. They weren’t the most dreadful days of my life but in comparison to how exciting they were when I was a kid… they sucked.

Halloween: I went to see Ouija with my boyfriend. The movie was terrible, but I enjoyed being with my man. Although, it didn’t feel like much of a holiday.

Thanksgiving: The food was GREAT! That is all.

Christmas: Now I understand why people are all of a sudden “broke” in December. I didn’t even buy that many gifts for other people but between presents and regular expenses, I felt like I wasn’t even making any money. I wasn’t even excited about opening my presents. However, the food was GREAT.

New Year’s Eve: I cleaned out my closet after I got home from work. Watched J. Lo’s HBO special and went to sleep at 11:30.

New Year’s Day: The food was AMAZING! Seriously…

So I clearly enjoy eating, but holidays just feel so lackluster to me now. I see my family on a regular basis so that’s no big deal. I’m employed so I can buy my own gifts. I actually get pretty bored after two days away from work, so I find myself saying “I’m ready to go back to work” even on regular weekends. Valentine’s Day is up next. I’m actually a little bit excited about this one because my boyfriend will be here (long-distance relationship). We’ll see what happens…

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